The intelligence of Neogrid algorithms combined with a worldwide passion: soccer.


Neogrid in the World Cup Universe

Transforming data, numbers and information into business insights, history, action and excitement is the essence of Neogrid expertise. So,
 why not combine the intelligence of its algorithms with soccer,to celebrate one of the biggest sporting events in the world?


Welcome to the  World Cup Universe by Neogrid, with many insights to share.


Just as we do our best to align companies to the pace of consumers, we are sharing incredible discoveries and cheering for the best of the many participating countries in which we have teams and business partners.


Russia and Saudi Arabia will kick off the 21st World Cup on June 14th, 2018.  Hundreds of bits of information will be available in the Neogrid World Cup Universe during the matches of 32 competing teams.


Get ready, put on your jersey and cheer -- with lots of insights, of course.

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